The Go-To Expert on Social, is that you?

You can use social media like a boss, to become the well-known expert in your field.

How? It’s all about positioning.

“Positioning is what you do in the minds of your prospect”, according to book by Al Ries and Jack Trout of the same name. In other words, it’s how you frame up who you are and the value you can provide to your existing and future clients, and the community that you create.

If it’s in the minds of your prospect. That means it’s all about perspective. Do they perceive you as the expert?

I’ll put it to you that you can use social media to influence the perspective of your audience. The one they should call in times of need. The trusted source of information on a topic. The person to ring up for quotes. And it’s all possible based on how you position yourself and what you say, then how often you say it.

Why do it? Here’s 3 good reasons

  1. It will position you as an authority
    • Social media can help you become an authority on a topic or industry.
    • You can use social to share ideas, stimulate discussion around topical issues, and build public awareness about what you do.
  2. It can accelerate your reputation
    • Put simply, social media is an accelerator for the reach of your reputation, expertise, and content.
    • It allows you to network and connect with valuable contacts and influencers, as well as monitor your brand by social listening.
  3. Will help attract clients and new recruits
    • It creates pipeline for attracting new clients
    • Strengthens relationships with existing clients
    • And can even attract new recruits who want to work with you. All because you’re recognised as the expert.

How do you do it?

How do you become the expert? Let me tell you, it’s not through copying other users or by following a secret formula.

Step One: Be You

It actually starts with you. This first step is ESSENTIAL as it helps you to define your personality online, set out the boundaries for your published content and then create the rhythm and routine for ongoing connection with your audience through social media. This is about an organic and organised process to get known, get trusted and get bought.

Step Two: Be You, Consistently

Second most important thing is consistency.  Consistency beats content. If you don’t regularly put out content, you’ll be forgotten. If the idea of regularly putting out content makes you feel weak at the knees… It’s ok. You just need the systems to support the process to help take the pain away.


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So why not harness this opportunity? What have you got to lose?


Kirryn Zerna has worked with large and small businesses to create remarkable brand communications for over a decade, and now she builds that capability into the organisations that she works with. She combines her deep experience of corporate communications and copy writing with the latest research of social media management to deliver a tailored approach for her clients. Find out more: