What I learned about standing out from watching the Bachelor Australia (Warning: stilettos ahead)

With every stiletto-clad shoe that stepped out on to the driveway on Wednesday’s launch episode of The Bachelor on Channel Ten, I was stuck with the thought – “How does anyone stand out in that crowd”?

Stiletto stepping out of a car

With ever stiletto that steps out… Source: Channel 10

Like many of us, my feminist ideals took a hit as I submitted to the earnest entertainment of watching shiny girls lunge for their love, and spray at each other. There’s always the funny one, the crazy one, the tall and beautiful one, and the nasty one. And yet how, from the writhing mass of glitzy humanity and hairspray, could one woman emerge as the fair lady for the finale?

How does she get the attention she deserves? How does she stand out?

Attracting attention online can invoke a sense of overwhelm for businesses today.

Where they feel crowded out from competition, everyone seems to be shouting louder and they can’t figure out how to attract attention and grow their online presence.

And so, inspired as I was, and possibly at risk to my reputation, I’m pondering the top three lessons learned from the Bachelor Austrralia about how to stand out online.

Bachie Lesson Number 1: Make a good first impression

While this year’s Bachelor Matty J, said he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. It was clear to the viewer which moments were fireworks-worthy, and those that were fizzers.

Verbal diarrhoea, awkward rhythmic gymnastics routines and a minute of silence, made for strange first encounters. While a police car blaring its siren, towering in an orange pantsuit or making a late arrival throwing flames were a hit.

Arriving in a police car

That time i arrived in a police car… Source: Channel 10

How can you create a great first impression when you’re engaging new clients or a new audience for the first time?

What can you do that’s memorable and shows your personality, without being too cheesy or over the top?

A few ideas you can try: Why not set up an automated email that welcomes new members on your list? Be sure to include a friendly tone, great imagery and even better – free and helpful information. You could also include a welcome video on your website that immediately shows your personality and your smarts, or just try being a human and say hi and thanks for the follow when you get new followers on your social platform like Twitter or Instagram.

Bachie Lesson Number 2: Stay focused on the prize, not the noise

There’s so much flap and clatter from the women who sit around snitching at each other while they jostle for position, but the women forget the most important point. It’s not about the other women; it’s about the Bachelor. They’re all there (all 22 of them) to win Matty J’s heart (and yes, that does sound just as strange when I say it out loud).

picture of girls at rose ceremony

Keep your eyes on the prize, not the noise. Source: Channel 10

So, now for the point – in business we can become so preoccupied with our competitors, with our busy schedules, with ourselves – that we miss what it’s all about. It’s about the customer.

How do you make your online approach all about the customer?

A few ideas you can try: Be sure that the content that you create and share, doesn’t become all about ‘you’ – a product flog. Try to scan and share content that will be useful and helpful to your audience, and create content (like videos, blogs, image posts) that will help them with their problems. And make sure your language doesn’t become boring and report style – a.k.a boring management speak– instead, try to write in an everyday, accessible language that connects with your customers; e.g. talk like a human. Simple, but effective.

Bachie Lesson Number 3: It’s all about the long game

You don’t get the all expenses paid Thailand trip to collect the final rose, on your first date. It takes many a moonlit cocktail strolls, many a candled sofa moment, many an agonisingly awkward group date extravaganza to stoke the fires, weed out the competition and deepen the connection (in front of the rolling cameras – so natural).

a wedding ceremony set on the beach

You don’t get the finale vacay on your first date.

The road to “renowned” for your business – where your clients become aware of you, have a worthy experience with you and then begin to recommend you – takes time and effort.

This is the trap many businesses fall in to when it comes to social media, and the quest for developing an online presence. It’s no good if you’re best post was 3 months ago, because that will be forgotten. It’s ALL about consistency.

A few ideas you can try: Plan ahead and set some blog topics that will serve your customers, set aside some time to write, write, write and schedule your posts ahead of time. If you have a system, you’ll be sustainable. And how to keep great content in your pipeline? Do you have a system to scan, store and share content? Check out a previous blog post to give you a few ideas.

You’ve got to be in it, to win it.

Even though I’m fairly convinced I’ll tune out of this series from here on in (I’m fairly certain), the girl who gets the final rose and the heart of her beloved, took the first step to be there. And then kept showing up, being herself, and investing in the give and take of a relationship.

Sure, the social media world can feel as crowded as a lovecouch packed with Bachelor beauties… and yet the best thing to focus on is not yourself, but the people you’re serving in business.

“The best way to get that final rose is to show up, and then keep showing up.  In other words, be consistent for your customers.”

So what can you do to start today? What can you start sharing this week? What problem can you start solving through written content, or a video message or a well crafted social post?

Remember, it will be your unique personality and your quality product and service that will make you stand out from the crowd and be someone your customers love to work with.

So go on, will you do it? Will you accept this rose?


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