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Kirryn Zerna is the perfect Keynote Speaker for your next event whose hugely inspiring and immensely practical presentations immediately translate into action.

Three of the most popular topics are listed below. All keynote packages include pre-event planning, phone calls and research.

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Keynote #1

The Affinity Advantage

Connect better, communicate better for better outcomes for work & life

 When leaders build stronger relationships with their team, things just work. There’s increased productivity, a positive work environment and better collaboration.So, if we know that, why is it so hard to achieve? Why are some leaders doing it better than others? Why are some teams more cohesive?

That’s because they have the affinity advantage to lead and live by. Leaders and teams with affinity advantage connect better, communicate better for better outcomes; they naturally build bridges and break down barriers. The Affinity Advantage is a keynote that explores the art and science of human connection and how to harness it to achieve success at work, and in life.

In this practical session, leaders will discover three keys to build powerful connections at work and in life:

  • Attract: How to attract and engage in meaningful ways that fosters genuine rapport, builds trust and creates persuasive leadership brands from the very first impression.
  • Relate: Tooling up “natural born communicators” to build strong, resilient relationships that can withstand challenges and last.
  • Create: Discover the essential communication rhythms every leader should learn to create effective communication and storytelling to maintain and deepen our connections with a broad network of people.

Whether you’re looking to lead better, team better, or live better, The Affinity Advantage will provide you with the tools and insights you need to succeed.

Length: 1 hour keynote or half or full day workshop.

Perfect for: Leadership Forums, Team kick-off sessions, All-in Team meetings

What others have said about this session:

Not only very impressed with her style and passion on the topic, but really enjoyed the following conversation it sparked within the group! OH&S And Environment Manager, Yarra Trams

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Keynote #2

The Stand Out Effect

Stand Out without Selling out on social media

With focus shifting online, the brands that will GET KNOWN and GROW will have a sharp, consistent and compelling brand presence on digital channels.

So, how will your business stand out in this complex and crowded space? (Especially when you’re short on time, not sure where to start or how to measure the success of your efforts.) And how to create compelling content that connects with customers, without selling out on who you are? You don’t need to be like everyone else… find your own style and make your mark.

In this hands-on and fun session, audiences will learn:

  • The latest trends to stand out and get noticed online right now
  • The 3 elements of The Stand Out Effect to unlock your online influence
  • A practical hands-on session to demystify the wonder of content creation and have every audience member creating in their seats!

Length: 1 hour – 90min keynote or half or full day workshop.

What others have said about this session:

“It was fantastic to work with such a professional speaker at our recent conference. Generated a lot of conversation for our brokers.” Head of Learning Aussie Home Loans


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Keynote #3

Beyond the Mask

Winning the Post Covid Consumer

Has the global pandemic brought boom or bust times? A little of column A, a little of Column B. For many consumer businesses with the shift to online, they have been grappling with growth and shuffling with the shifts of consumer behaviours like never before.

So, what will life be like beyond the mask for retail and consumer facing businesses? How will they win the post covid-consumer?

This keynote draws on global trends and local case studies to explore the post covid consumer:

  • Will your customers want same thing as they always did? Are they more or less loyal?
  • The rise and rise of Gen Z and the sustainable, ethical consumer. Are you ready?
  • The return to winning customer service and communication – how to keep loyal customers even in the midst of disruption, and who does it best.
  • A practical roadmap for winning the post covid consumer

Length: 1 hour keynote or half or full day workshop.

What others have said about this session:

“Kirryn Zerna is one of the most insightful speakers that I have seen in recent years.” National Manager, Westpac Davidson Institute

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