What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Connection

As Taylor Swift’s concert fever swept through the city, it brought with it a wave of joy, optimism, and inclusivity, amidst a news cycle dominated by hard-hitting headlines.

Arriving at Sydney Olympic Park with my husband and two VERY excited children, the atmosphere before the concert was electric. Everyone was fabulous dressed up in sparkles and colour, each person going to extraordinary lengths for the occasion. Yet, one of the most heart-warming aspects was the exchange of handmade friendship bracelets amongst concert-goers.

Colourful connections with the crowd

Instead of standing alone in a sea of people, strangers approached one another to swap these colourful creations.

My children were enthralled as they chatted and laughed with individuals from diverse backgrounds – young women in cowboy boots, police officers, and venue staff. These simple bracelets became a connection point, sparking conversations, laughter, and ultimately, a chance to smile and laugh while belting a Taylor tune in the venue. (The concert was phenomenal!!).

Rituals that deepen and sustain Connection

Reflecting on this experience, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the topic I share about – The Connect Effect – it’s about the catalyst for cultivating deeper, more impactful connections in today’s hybrid, digital world.

One such catalyst to embed connection is through Rituals. Rituals are intentional practices adopted by teams, leaders, or brands to enrich connections and breathe new life into organisational/customer culture. Whether it’s a regular morning tea, a biannual team gathering, or something as simple yet meaningful as exchanging friendship bracelets, these rituals create opportunities for thoughtful engagement, shared experiences, and lasting memories.

How can you create a ritual?

So, how can you create a ritual that enhances connections within your team, sales team, or with your customers?

Here are five really simple how-to examples:

  1. Weekly Team Check-Ins: Schedule regular team meetings or check-ins to discuss progress, challenges, and successes. Use this time to foster open communication, celebrate achievements, and address any concerns collaboratively.
  2. Customer Appreciation Events: Host special events or activities to show appreciation for your customers. Whether it’s a VIP dinner, exclusive product launch, or virtual networking session, these events create opportunities for meaningful interactions and strengthen customer relationships.
  3. Team-Building Retreats: Plan team-building retreats or offsite meetings to promote teamwork, collaboration, and bonding among team members. Incorporate fun activities, workshops, and group exercises to build trust and camaraderie.
  4. Recognition Rituals: Establish rituals for recognizing and celebrating achievements within your team or organisation. Whether it’s a monthly awards ceremony, shout-outs during team meetings, or personalised thank-you notes, these gestures show appreciation and inspire motivation.
  5. Community Service Initiatives: Organise volunteer opportunities or community service projects for your team or organization. Giving back to the community not only fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment but also strengthens team bonds through shared experiences and collective impact.

By implementing these rituals, you can create a culture of connection, collaboration, and belonging within your team or organisation, driving positive outcomes and fostering long-term success.

So what will you do?

Just as the exchange of friendship bracelets at the Taylor Swift concert brought people together, these rituals serve as tangible symbols of connection, creating meaningful moments that resonate long after the event has ended.

Have you got any powerful rituals that you use to cultivate connections? I’d love to hear what you do. Drop it in the comments.


Kirryn Zerna is passionate about helping leaders, teams and brands cultivate deeper connections in the digital age to cultivate high performance, revitalise culture and help put people’s passion into action. She would love to help you imagine and create a remarkable and unforgettable experience for your business or leadership event. www.kirrynzerna.com