Influence in Precedented Times

The last few years have been a doozy. Global pandemic. Post pandemic life. And now cost of living. We’ve heard “unprecedented” so many times in the news cycle, that it’s starting to lose its meaning. At this point, it’s not really unprecedented anymore; it’s just, well, ‘precedented’.

Granted, 2023 is feeling more like pre-covid times. We can leave the house without first accessorising our face masks. We can plan for a holiday, and it happens. And these days when people ask someone about their status it’s usually about their relationship status and not their vaccinations!

And yet… even though it feels better now. Things aren’t the same as 2019, are they?

The way we work, live, and connect has changed. And with these new territories has come new challenges.

Becoming Your Best Influencer

That brings us to Influence. How can you become your best influencer in the midst of this “precedented” change? How can you influence with greater impact within your workplaces, in your industry and in your world?

And influencer has attracted certain connotations in this modern age, hasn’t it? Perhaps for you it’s been tainted by the Kardashians of the world who inspire a sudden chill or a certain thrill, depending on the audience. (I confess I do have a guilty pleasure of watching their show while on planes).

Like them or hate them, if we observe them, there’s something to learn from these influencer types. They are strategic, they are intentional and as a result people will buy from them, listen to them, and share their news and views with their own networks.

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Like them or hate them, people listen to them. Photo from Women in Credit Luncheion

Don’t you have something worth sharing? Don’t you have a situation worth influencing? (Maybe even more impactful than chewable vita gummies like I saw on Kim’s post the other day).

Influence doesn’t have to look like a Kardashian. It looks like impact. It looks like you.

We are all influencers.

As my 6-year-old reminds me on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, we are all influencers. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, but what if we did it strategically? Intentionally?

How could it help you get known for your expertise/experience and grow your impact, audience, or sales? Or even help you in your personal life (back to that relationship status).

If you were to look influence up on it is described as:

“The capacity or power of people or things to be a compelling force on the actions, behaviours or opinions of others.”

It we drill it down it means, the “power to be a compelling force.”

 Don’t you love that? Imagine if you were a compelling force, what impact could you have?

Could it help you to influence:

  • A project steering committee to extend your budget and timeline?
  • To pitch a new product or service?
  • A payrise or promotion?
  • A difficult conversation at work?
  • To motivate and inspire your team?

Couldn’t it help you to lead, team and live better?

I think so, that’s why I’m so passionate about helping leaders and teams become their best influencers.

Bring on the Influence

So how do you do it? How can you become your best influencer?

When someone has a car crash there is rarely only one cause. It is usually a result of a succession of events that resulted in the impact. Same goes for your impact as an influencer – it’s never just one element,  but rather a combination that works together.

In my next newsletter I’ll unpack some of the elements that I’ve seen work together to create a powerful influencer.

Points to Ponder:

Who is a great “influencer” in your world? A leader at work, or church or sport. What were the behaviours or qualities that you noticed that they lived out?

What do you notice? What could you learn from?



Kirryn Zerna is a fabulous and fun Keynote Speaker, and author of The Stand Out Effect. With over two decades experience in corporate and marketing communications, and a highly visual and interactive presentation style, she would love to help YOU create affinity with your customers, leaders and teams and become the Stand Out in your industry and beyond. Find out more.