Why the Remarkable Brand Endures

Some brands have it, while others fail. Case Study: Blown Lux, Sydney’s remarkable Blow Dry Experience

There’s only one thing better then having beautifully blow-waved hair.

And that’s knowing you had it done while sipping on wine and eating a cheese plate in a stunning venue.

When I visited Blown Lux, the luxury blow dry experience at Sydney’s newest must-visit address in the Barangaroo Precinct, I was blown away (no really).

A bar, but not as you know it…

Panoramic view of Blown Lux Blow Dry bar

Ready for business, Blown Lux Bar (photo: www.blownlux.com.au)

Expecting a quick blow dry (which is never really quick for me –I have a LOT of hair), I was delighted when I was welcomed to my seat and found myself – not at a regular salon chair – but at a bar. Not just any bar – a beautiful mirrored wall lined by live green ferns. Dark tiles, reflections, gold features. This was as swanky as the premium restaurants dotting the waterfront.

A sweep of the wooden menu in front of me, offered hair style options alongside a selection of wine, cheese from a (fancy) local providore and then a choice of hair styles – “Straight-laced”, “bigger the better”, “date night”. Even options for the aesthetically conscious man with a “sloshed, washed and styled” (with the appropriate sloshing of beer of course).

To say I enjoyed the experience need not even be said (I have 2 kids, isn’t it obvious). To say I loved it, when shown to the make-up bar for a refresh after my hair was done, is an understatement. Then to step out for a date with great hair, fab make-up and the warm buzz from my vino… well, now that’s remarkable.

I was told it wouldn’t be long until it opens as a bar – with tables spilling on to the pavement offering drinks and nibbles. Honestly, does it get much better?

Meanwhile back in the burbs…

By contrast I was walking along the shopping strip near my home (which is only about 7 kms from the city) and I inspected the window of the local hairdresser. A black and white scattered collage with those usual ‘hairdressy’ images, circa 1990, looked back at me. Looking in, I saw a lifeless looking salon. White plastic chairs, bright downlights, round mirrors reflecting back semi-interested staff.

In the past 3 years that I’ve lived here, I’ve never wandered in or booked an appointment. I need my hair done on occasion. They do hair. And yet, they’ve never caught my attention. Instead, I drive or travel somewhere else. Even though I walk past their shop every day. Why is that?

The remarkable brand endures

Storm clouds over a farm house

Picture credit: www.michaelmcqueen.net

The headwinds of change are coming –blowing down on small and large businesses alike. It will be the remarkable brand that endures.

Michael McQueen in his ‘Disruptable’ blog post said “For some businesses and professions, these changes will be an updraft that will propel them to ever greater heights. For others, the changes ahead will feel like disruptive headwinds blowing them off course or at least making life less pleasant.”

The owners of Blown Lux stood out with remarkable service, an all-in-one offering and a luxury experience – where the client feels like they’ve gone out, even though they’re just getting ready.

My local hairdresser was beige. Blending in to the background. Forgettable.

What makes your brand remarkable?

Where are you on the spectrum? Are you remarkable or forgettable? How can you take steps to stand out?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What new trends are emerging in your industry?

Take the time to reflect on your industry. What are the new trends emerging? How could you incorporate those changes in what you do?

For your business – is there something you can change?

For your social media – could you start blogging or posting about what’s new and how the changes are good/bad, etc.

2. What do your customers want?

Not sure what they want? Why not ask them?

You can collect your answers through an in-person questionnaire (veiled as a conversation) or an online poll, competition or survey through your social channels. Or invest in market research to understand what they want. Are you meeting those needs, especially for your area?

You’ll find brilliant strategies on how to be responsive to change and keep ahead of your competitors from a recent blog by the experts of innovative change, Blue Seed Consulting.

3. Are you communicating what you’re doing?

If the tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, did it really happen? If you’re making changes to your business, and you don’t communicate it – did it really happen?

Invest in your marketing. Invest in your social media approach. Let your clients and your community know what’s new, what’s relevant and what’s ready for them.

Social media will put you in the pocket of your clients anywhere, any time.


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About Blown Lux

A luxury styling experience like never before in Barangaroo, Sydney City.

Bookings:  (02) 9290 1802 Website: https://blownlux.com.au/  Instagram: @Blownluxbar Facebook: @Blownluxbar

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