Facebook isn’t new, but are you using right?

Unless you’ve been living on a tropical island with no wifi (and if so, power to you), you’ll know Facebook is the big daddy when it comes to social media. They’re even being touted as one of the most innovative companies of 2017.

Here are the facts about Facebook in about 20 seconds… Go.

What is it? Facebook is a free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and generally keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Why do businesses and leaders use it? It’s the most popular social networking tool in the world. If you took a casual look at approx populations around the world –

USA –323 million
India – 1.33 billion
China – 1.38 billion
Australia – 24 million

You’d find Facebook bulging in between the USA and India with 1.86 billion monthly active users (Feb 2017 Zephoria site). The crazy thing is – it just keeps growing – with a 17 percent increase year since last year. That means access to clients, opportunity for revenue generation and connecting with communities of likeminded thinkers.

In just one day: Any given day 1.23 billion people log on to Facebook – that’s like 1 out of every 7 people on the earth logging on daily (Source: Zephoria as of Feb 2017). In just one month: Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million)—combined. (Source: CNBC) Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels.

Are you using it right?

Here are some absolute must-do’s to use Facebook like a pro.

1. Do you Talk like a friend?

“Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.” – Jay Acunzo, Vice President, NextView

Two girls sitting on a bench

People use Facebook for community and belonging. To connect to people and brands they like, along with entertainment and infotainment.

So that means, when you post on Facebook think of it kind of like a conversation with a friend at a BBQ.

You will talk more of the time about life stuff (what you’re reading, what you’re up to and what you’re liking right now) and less of the time about what you’re trying to sell.

Put in the effort to get your balance right for the content that you’re creating and sharing. And when you do get to the selling bit, it needs to be in the context of social life – so make sure its relevant to the interests of your audience.

Content that fits the brief: Photos – They’re a great visual medium. Photos of your team at an event, or of you delivering a crazingly good keynote address or just something you’ve seen recently that you like. Sharing candid photos is a great way to show the human side of your business (especially if you are the business) and it’s real. Authenticity goes a long way.

2. Do you Share brilliant content?

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis, Professional Speaker, Monumental Shift

A man and a woman looking at a computerWhen it comes to sharing on social, everyone’s doing it. A recent global survey said 57 percent of that social content is shared on Facebook.

Facebook proves to be the perfect place to amplify your thought leadership through the content you share. You can use social to share ideas, stimulate discussion around topical issues, and build public awareness about what you do.

When a person is browsing through a Facebook feed –  and they find brilliant content (a thought-provoking video, a jaw-dropping photo, a hilarious meme) then that content will be shared. The person who does the sharing receives a high five from their followers when it’s good stuff – and then they feel good about themselves and they like you for sharing it. Next time, they’ll do it again. So find the good stuff and get sharing.

Content that fits the brief: Topical articles –Share interesting news articles, case studies or blog posts. It will demonstrate your broader knowledge and expertise. You can set up a google alert on key words that are relevant to your business to source articles to share.

3. DO you Create awesome content?

“Marketing starts with you. The leader. The entrepreneur. The face. People want to hear from you.”- Tim Ferriss

woman typing on laptopCompelling content that is well crafted will get clicks. Helpful, interesting and insightful posts that you create consistently – will reward you with organic growth from your followers.

It’s all about video at the moment.

Have you thought about doing a video blog post instead of a written one? No need to worry that you’re not re purposing a multi million dollar TV commercial like the big brands. Your audience will take it real – just you, your iPhone camera and a good microphone. As long as you can serve your audience by solving a problem they have, giving them helpful tips or just a candid amusing story – they’ll keep on clicking.

The other popular, but not new, content to create is a podcast. This is even easier then a video, hey you can even do it in your PJs. Interviews work really well in this medium and is a great way to make you look well connected by your association with the interviewee.

Content that fits the brief: About you – your expertise, your blog content, your articles, your case studies, your promotions. But not in a product flog kind of way – in an authentic conversational way.

About Kirryn Zerna

Kirryn Zerna has worked with large and small businesses to create remarkable brand communications for over a decade, and now she builds that capability into the organisations that she works with. She combines her deep experience of corporate communications and copy writing with the latest research of social media management to deliver a tailored approach for her clients. Find out more: www.kirrynzerna.com