Get Ready for 2021

I’d love to aim for a Break Through Year in 2021, how about you?

Here are few tips to help you start preparing for your new year.

Top 3 Tips to Prep for Break Through in 2021

1. Refresh Your Purpose, Reset Your Direction

It’s always helpful to refresh your purpose for the year. What will you focus on? Who will you help? What’s going to motivate you into action?

Finding that sweet spot between your abilities (what you can do), your affinity (what you love) and the opportunity (what do people need right now, and how can you help?).

When you’re in your sweet spot, you’ll be energised for whatever the year will throw at you.

three circles one says Affinity, another says ability, one says opportunity and an arrow points to centre which says sweet spot

2. Sketch a Plan (but don’t be too fixed)

Take an afternoon out with some paper and pens to sketch out what your plan for the year will be. Don’t spend too long, as things may change.

I follow the method:

✅ Look Out – What’s happening calendar wise and outside your business that’s relevant (e.g. seasonal holidays, important business or financial milestones, etc)

✅ Look In – What events/launches/plans will you plan for (new products, campaigns, events) etc. Blocking in the things that bring in the money!

✅ Look Ahead – How do you weave those together to create themes for content planning and marketing/sales to keep you top of mind in your client’s, and potential clients mind, throughout the year.

If you’d like access to my planning calendar, click here.

3. Ask Yourself – What Could I Do Differently?

This is not the time for the “same old – same old” what else could you try for 2021 that you don’t usually do?

Is it time to:

  • collaborate with someone on a new project/idea?
  • create a new product/service to meet the needs of your target audience?
  • try a new marketing strategy like PR or a new social channel?
  • try a new communication idea like a Facebook Live, a Webinar series or a podcast?
  • Write that book you’ve been thinking about?
  • Start a side hustle or creative project that brings you joy?

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