Have you met one of these people on social?

Browsing your feed each week, you’ll come across 4 types of people on social:

The Product Flogger

They post products and specials or events they’re trying to promote. Or if you’re lucky – photos of them selves. When they’re popping up on your Facebook or LinkedIn feed, your tolerance tends to wane. Unless they’re a very popular product (like Apple or Samsung) no-one likes a product flog. So how do you respond? Un-like. Unfollow. Simply because you don’t like being sold to on social.

The Annoying Spammer

You’re scanning through your feed and all you see is their name. It’s not so much what they’re posting, but how many times they’re doing it. They post everything from the kale gherkin smoothie for breakfast to the collection of seeds they had for lunch. They keep sharing articles, but their topics are so random and diverse so that it’s overwhelming. They’re cramming up everybody’s feed so much, that even their friends have stopped following them.

The Infrequent Poster

You remember they posted an awesome article a month ago. You liked it. Shared it. And yet they dropped off and you forgot about them. It’s like they go through waves of enthusiasm, and fire out a great week of ripper readable sharable content. Then they disappear as quickly as your coffee buzz from this morning. Consistency beats content. This poor sod is all forgotten about.

The Powerful ‘Positioner’

They have a regular rhythm of blogs and social posts. You love what they say, how they say it and all the different ways they say it. They serve up an awesome blend of: helpful how-to’s and tips; insightful and interesting articles; relevant cool events and updates about what’s coming up for their business; and a few fun facts and life stuff thrown in, to keep it real. You can’t help but like them and they become your go-to authority on that industry or topic

So… what type of person are you?

About Kirryn Zerna

Kirryn Zerna has worked within large and small businesses to create remarkable brand communications for over a decade, and now she builds that capability into the organisations that she works with. She combines her deep experience of corporate communications and copy writing with the latest research of social media management to deliver a tailored approach for her clients. Find out more: www.kirrynzerna.com