The Stand Out Effect

Standing Out is not a new concept

The quest to STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace and to attract attention from potential customers is not a modern day problem; it’s an age-old pursuit.

It’s simply that the context has changed. What was once a physical market place, became a street of retail shops, became a city reached through radio, became a nation reached through television, became a globe seamlessly connected through the internet and social media.

Today we live in the age of online influence.

As Homo Deus author elegantly puts it, “A global audience connected by a digital message just like a whisper… what once we only thought possible by the God’s.”

And as we look to tomorrow, technology enables connection and collaboration as a natural extension of our lives; a force that may change in name (e.g. Will Facebook survive?) but not in nature.

The Quest to uncover the Stand Out Effect

Black and white umbrella with the words "The Stand Out Effect"

There is no better time in history for standing out. As an entrepreneur, a thought leader, an emerging business, or a person rising up in their career.

Your time is now. So how are folks doing it out there?

Defining The Stand Out Effect

Let’s check out some definitions thanks to the Oxford Dictionary.

To Stand Out – “Be easily noticeable” or “clearly better or more significant than someone of something.”

An effect – “a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.”

In my opinion, the Stand Out Effect is like a game of dominoes. The magic of the moment – when those dominoes fly in rapid succession along their trajectory –comes together only because of the carefully crafted step-by-step placement of each individual domino. Just like dominos, there are little-by-little activities that take us one step closer to our Stand Out Effect.

And that game is open to us all. As Gary Vaynerchuk said in his book Crushin’ It, “stardom is no longer limited to the most beautiful or telegenic among us; the field is open to many, many players”.

Join me on my Quest

So that’s what I’ll be doing – learning, asking and testing. And then presenting the ideas through videos, audio bites and social content. With it all culminating in a book called The Stand Out Effect.

So I invite you to join me on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as I look to uncover what makes some ideas, people and businesses more noticeable than other brands.

And what’s the point? What’s in it for you? Well it’s the learning. How can you apply these things to your career, your business or your workplace.

And one thing I know already… there will be no ONE way. A final thought also from Gary Vee “There is prescribed route. Learn the universal principles and forge your own path.”

So off we go to check it out.


Kirryn Zerna is a speaker, facilitator and advisor. Her passion is to help businesses and leaders to stand out, without selling out, in this age of online influence. Known for her work in brand communication, strategy and future trends, what’s unique about Kirryn is her broad experience across sectors. She draws on over 15 years experience working with businesses of all sizes – from corporate, government, consulting agencies, small business and high profile individuals.