Deceptively simple, yet cunningly effective content trends

to set you up for social success

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What are the Digital Content Trends you need to know in 2019? Where will you focus your digital marketing efforts to reap the greatest return for your brand?

There’s much discussion on the regular suspects – Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Voice Assist and  Augmented Reality. While they are on the horizon, there are some digital content trends that are deceptively simple, yet cunningly effective to deliver your social success.

What I’ve found from speaking and connecting with over 1,300 businesses this year is that 2019 is less about technology and more about narrative. This will be key for you to become known as the author and authority on your topic, and how you demonstrate that over time, so that you stand out, without selling out in your industry and beyond.

Read on for content trends that will deliver a return for your business in 2019:

1. video

Photo of a phone with a videoa and words that say video

“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

The Facts:


  • By 2020 video will account for 80% of online traffic (Cisco)
  • It’s highly favoured by social media algorithms
  • Conversion and engagement rate soars over other digital media.
  • It is an engagement tool that you cannot ignore


How Can you use it?

Tell the story of your business. Become the TV host or “guide” for your ideal client and then your content will lead them towards relationship, sales and brand building.

A combination of formal video and informal works. Too polished, people drop off. Too sloppy, you’re not taken seriously (think wobbly selfie stick vision).

Document the process of learning, show behind-the-scenes, introduce the team, show your product in action.

TIP: Use an app like Magisto, Filmora Go or Animoto to make awesome videos on your phone.


2. Stories

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“Rather than serving as a yet-anther-distraction, ephemeral content invite focus.”
– Danah Boyd,
Researcher and author


The Facts:

  • Ephemeral Content (AKA Stories) are photos and video posts that last for 24 hours. Think Insta Stories, FB Stories and Snapchat. Here today, gone tomorrow.
  • Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder, has predicted Stories will replace Facebook posts in future. This is a Digital Content Trend to master this year.
  • With 300M active daily users of stories, brands that nail the tell-and-sell mode of stories are winning over a devoted tribe and selling through the narrative of life.


How Can you use it?

Keep your Instagram profile like the wall of an art gallery. It’s well planned and placed for colour, message and aesthetics. Then let your Stories feature the behind-the-scenes, narrative and life of your account.

Put your TV Producer hat on and think what makes for engaging viewing? Try a “day-in-the-life-of” style of narration of your day including the work you do, the people you meet, your philosophy and approach with a glimpse into the people behind your brand.

You can speak direct via video, take photos and use emojis and colourful text. Or try taking a screen shot of your blogs, social posts or podcasts to draw attention to the work you’re doing. Users can reply and comment with Direct Messages, don’t forget to check your Inbox.

3. Engagement

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“You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.”
–Tara-Nicholle Nelson, CEO of Transformational Customer Insights

The Facts:

  • The Stand Out Leaders and Brands all have a strategy of two-way engagement. With organic, unpaid reach at an all time low, this is the unspoken strategy that feeds the crowds, stokes the algorithms and swells their numbers.
  • Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg “decreed” in August 2018 that posts that generated high levels of engagement would be featured more prominently in the News Feed. This doesn’t just mean likes, it means conversations and comments. (yikes).
  • Leaders and brands on all platforms (not just Facebook) should be mindful not only of creating great content, but also how each piece invites people to interact with it.

How Can you use it?

The first step is to always consider, “What is the engagement hook for this piece of content? Could you ask a Question? Questions get people talking, things like “What are your favourite travel tips?” “What do you always wish you could ask…? “What baffles you about xxx”

Share about the people behind your brand. A photo, behind-the-scenes of the team, a photo of you. Social media is social and photos of people are more likely to create Likes and comments.

Strive to create interactive and detailed content. Can you share videos, tutorials, recipes, quizzes, infographics, how-to’s? Content that keeps people on your page interacting with your content.


4. Become the Author

white background with phone and keyboard and notebook

The sharing of what you know makes you an expert, not the other way around.
– Susie Moore

The Facts:

  • To become an authority on a topic, one must first become an author. Brands that will stand out in 2019 and get known as an authority in their industry and beyond, will do this.
  • Today, 70% of people would rather learn about a brand through an article than an advert (DemandMetric). In 2019 content will maintain the reign as king.

How Can you use it?

Authoring content can look likes videos, written articles including LinkedIn Articles, e-books, webisodes, podcasts, guest posts on other sites and news channels etc. 59% of Marketers still consider a blog (a dedicated broadcast channel) as the most valuable channel.

Once you’ve authored content, then share it. Guest posting on key news sites or popular sites, is an excellent strategy to build your case for credibility.

TIP: Create a plan for the year ahead based on the “problems” of your target market. What keeps them up at night? Plan out a series of content that will serve their needs and position you as the solution.



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Kirryn Zerna is a speaker, facilitator and advisor. Her passion is to help businesses and leaders to stand out, without selling out, in this age of online influence. Known for her work in brand communication, strategy and future trends, what’s unique about Kirryn is her broad experience across sectors. She draws on over 15 years experience working with businesses of all sizes – from corporate, government, consulting agencies, small business and high profile individuals.


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