The Master of Your Message

Were you captivated, like me, by the movie “The Greatest Showman?”

From the colourful scenes and characters, the brilliant acting, songs and story line – I was mesmerised from the beginning.

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I especially loved the character of the Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum.

In his live theatrical show, the suggested genesis of the circus, he took the role of guide or narrator. Like the circus master, he seamlessly weaved each element of the live show from beginning to end; bringing in and out all of the different elements – the people, the songs, the acts. Taking the audience through the emotional journey to the final destination of awe and wonder. And the result? Thunderous applause. A lasting impression. Future ticket sales.

I couldn’t help but wonder how could we take the role of the Master Showman (or woman) for our message? Keeping our eye on the final destination; weaving in and out the right elements to ultimately persuade your audience towards a desired result?

I couldn’t help but wonder how could we take the role of the Master Showman (or woman) for our message?

The Strength of the Story

Americans will daydream through 30% of their work day, and yet will sit glued to the big silver screen for a 1.5-2 hour movie at the cinema. Why is that? I heard this stat from Don Miller, an American author, speaker and CEO of StoryBrand, who I encountered when he was interviewed on an Amy Porterfield podcast for “Online Marketing Made Easy, episode 236.

Wouldn’t you love your clients and potential clients glued to your every word like that?

When you know that your audience are assaulted with more information from every direction online and offline than any other point in history; then we must know that we only have a short window to get noticed.

Stories can be the most powerful tool you have to captivate that attention.

Jonah Berger, in his popular book Contagious, puts it this way: “Narratives are inherently more engrossing than basic facts. They have a beginning a middle and an end… when you hear people tell a good story you hang on every word.” He describes stories like vessels – on the outside they captivate your attention with their ‘surface plot,’ “but peel back that exterior and you’ll find something hidden inside”. These stories convey information, and importantly they also carry a meaning.

The quest then is how do you weave the promotional aspect – the features and benefits of the product or service that you offer (and of course your unique brand essence) – into this larger meta-narrative over time, and then ultimately leads your audience towards a positive outcome for your business?

A story that leads towards a pathway to purpose —towards a sale, a solution or a status.

I’ll explore these ideas of how to become the master of your message, over the coming weeks.

How are you the Master of Your Message? What works for you?

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I’m on a quest to help ideas, leaders and brands stand out (without selling out) in this age of online influence. I’m a conference speaker, a masterclass presenter and creator of the Stand Out Effect: a modern-day quest to uncover what makes brands stand out without selling out. What’s unique about me is that I understand the nuance of business from a large corporation to a small business and can translate the challenges and opportunities of the power of social media in each context. I draw on deep experience of working within corporate and public sector environments, and I also have had the privilege of working with over 1,300 small businesses and entrepreneurs through state and federal funded programs in the last year.

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