Helping your customers this Spring

Spring into action to stay top of mind

Lockdown life is here. If you’re not in it, you’re probably still affected by it… And yet even in the pain of pandemic there’s still a meaningful way to connect with your #customers.

Let’s look at Spring ?, for example.


Yesterday I delivered a workshop called Coping with Covid: Stand out online in uncertain times. The big idea was how to help your customers with what they need right now – so you can adapt your product or service offering, your message and your delivery to help them (and help you get known and grow your business).

One thing we talked about was reaching out for a reason, and what better reason than the season… no, not of Christmas, of #Spring?!

Some ideas:
? Have you got a fresh Spring offer?
? A Spring menu?
? A spring how-to or tip?
? Spring business health check
? Or just simply an email, event or social post that relates to Spring (like this email. It’s about Spring, but it’s really about your business).

Why might your try this?

You have two main reasons.
To add value for your customers and remind them that you’re still here.
Because even if they don’t need you right now, they’re more likely to think of you when the world whirs back into action.

So what could you do to stay top of mind?? Could you spring into spring?



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