Best Content to Post on LinkedIn

Connect with your crowd on LinkedIn

Who’s busy out there? Everyone? Right, well I’m sure you want to get smart with posting the right content in the right places to get the right results.

Let’s start off with LinkedIn. What can you create and share on this channel to get noticed, create new leads and strengthen existing connections? Read on and check it out. Please share your suggestions of what works for you in the comments.

compelling content that works best

The best approach is a combination of content that you have created (that shows your personality and life in real time) and content that you’ve curated (which means scanned, scheduled or shared from other sources that are helpful and of value to your audience).

Here are a few options to try. Just remember to mix up your approach, as too much of one thing can be annoying and has the opposite effect.

Content you create

1. Your quotes as a graphic.

The LinkedIn crowd responds well to this. This is not as hard as you think it would be. Awesome design programs like or image editing apps like wordswag or PicLab HD can do the trick easily. I especially love Canva – create a template, save it and reuse but swap the words and the images.

2. Other people’s quotes as a graphic.

Same as above – use one of your templates for a cool quote. By creating the graphic yourself you’re creating a connection with your brand, even though it’s not your words.

3. Articles that you’ve written

Your insights that show your thought leadership, expertise or professional opinion is a great contribution for this platform. LinkedIn has a tool where you can ‘write articles’. I recommend even if you have another blog somewhere else, take the time to copy your posts in to LinkedIn. Given you will already have a number of connections – your content is immediately amplified. It’s also a neat show to demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic or industry. You could also present these ideas in a video format instead of written, as an alternative and to add some wow-factor.

4. Relevant photos of you in action

The key word here is relevant. People like to see the real you and photos of you in action. Whether that’s arriving to deliver a keynote, workshopping with your team, celebrating a work win – all good. It also shows the breadth of what you do and that you actually do it. Just be mindful of what you post – people come to LinkedIn for professional connections – so a picture of you going for a bike ride in your budgie smugglers might lose some clients (unless you can pull it off as confidently as Tony Abbott).

Content you curate

1. Share articles

News, blogs or opinion pieces from industry experts, credible news sources or thought leaders are worthy of sharing. Not only are you associating that thinking with your brand, you’re doing a service for your connections – that they may also share or comment and connect it with their brands.

2. Relevant images with quotes

If you love a quote then just go to Pinterest or Google and copy the full quote in the search section. You will most likely be rewarded with several quotes turned in to images (or memes as they call them) that you can share on your profile. If you can attribute the source.

3. Humorous content

Whether it’s a funny meme (image post), video or article. Your connections will appreciate a laugh. Just make sure your humour is professionally appropriate and don’t do it too often – unless of course you’re a comedian and it’s your job. Save it for Fridays or holidays.

Why share?

Linkedin is like being given a gold-class invitation to the best professional networking event of the year. It helps you get your name and message out to the people who want to know about you, and who you want to know.

When you share, like or comment it will be seen by all of your LinkedIn connections. They may not always want to read what you say but “daily visibility” is key to staying top of mind, according to LinkedIn guru Jane Anderson. You can do that by creating content, liking content or sharing someone else’s post.

Another expert, LinkInfluencer founder founder Alex Pirouz gives his 3 top reasons why you should share on LinkedIn as a business or business leader:

  1. It gives you media exposure – He says journalists are sick of media releases and always looking for key experts. Why can’t you and your business be that expert?
  1. Connects you directly with decision makers – 49% of key decision makers are on LinkedIn. When you create great content on a regular basis and make the right connects, you can skip the typical ‘gatekeepers’ when you’re calling a big business (like the Personal Assistants or managers) and influence the decision makers directly.
  1. Create Lead generation at no cost – By thinking through strategic connections, looking for partnerships and thoughtful campaigns you have the potential to generate leads for your business. I’m sceptical that it’s at no cost, but powerful nonetheless.

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