Get set up, so that you can Stand Out on Social

Whether you want to get known as an expert in your industry, build a brand or boost sales for your product or service, this 1-day Workshop will give you the knowledge and skills that you need.

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Social media is not the only strategy to grow your business and boost your brand, and yet it proves to be an affordable and accessible way to get the attention you deserve. It helps businesses to meaningfully connect with their current, and future clients, in platforms and technologies that tomorrow’s consumer are using. 

Kirryn Zerna is an award winning speaker, mentor and educator who has been working with brands to create remarkable communications for over 15 years. She regularly speaks and runs workshops for small business, government departments and corporates. She’s passionate about helping brands understand why they matter, who they are and the pathway to creating purpose and growth.

This program is perfect for:

  • Ambitious small business owners
  • Business leaders who want to stand out
  • Coaches, consultants or experts in their fields

What you can expect to learn:

  • Get up to speed on what “social media” is and the potential it holds
  • Clarity about how to position your unique brand and its personality
  • How to demonstrate credibility through a personalised content framework
  • A Social Media Roadmap that will create opportunity for engagement on targeted social platforms
  • How to identify and serve your audience, and the power of advertising.

For many of my clients, they already run a successful business and they just haven’t had time or focus to uncover the power and potential of social media. The goal of this workshop is to fast-track knowledge, and to create the foundation of social media strategy. Participants leave with understanding and a roadmap of how to manage social successfully on an ongoing basis.

Kirryn Zerna

Proven to get results

Kirryn’s 1-day workshop was worth every minute and every dollar. She has a calm, supportive manner and makes rocket science sound like the alphabet.

Charlie Pidcock, Sales Mentor, coach and facilitator

Very excited to be a part of this group! I run an outdoor group fitness business which is pumping, however I know if my social media appearance and knowledge improves, so will my business. So grateful to have you in my corner Kirryn.

Matt Grant, Owner of MG Fitness

I highly recommend Kirryn if you want to stand out on social media. The workshop was engaging, filled with practical examples and gave me tools I could implement straight away. Worth the investment.

Clyde Gonsalves, Branch Owner Yellow Brick Road St Marys

Have you noticed


The business that stands out online has a compelling personality that makes them memorable and unique.


That content you create and share will not only build credibility for your brand, it will position your brand in the minds of your future clients?


Social systems that are well set up will save time and stress?

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I’ve noticed getting mindshare in today’s cluttered digital world is harder than ever, but more important than ever.

I’ve found social media is an affordable and accessible way for businesses to get the attention they deserve, and proves an essential tactic in an overall communications strategy for getting noticed and getting bought.

Rather then feeling the overwhelm of social anxiety – not knowing how or where to start – I love helping to simplify the start-up process and build in sustainable systems to give business owners the confidence to do it well. This program is suited for people that are committed to positioning themselves as a trusted brand, want to grow their influence and meaningfully connect with their current and future clients.

What you'll cover in 1 day

This is a super practical 1 day course where you’ll learn and then apply. Once you’ve completed your pre-work set up, you’ll bring your laptops and we’ll work on your social together.

Here is what’s involved:

  • Set the Scene
    • Social Media Snapshot Today
    • Latest social trends
    • Key platforms and how to use them
  • Stand Out Content
    • Persuasive content to create and to curate
    • Design a tailored content plan
    • Video, social imagery, blogs + more
  • Stand Out Delivery
    • What platforms should you use?
    • A Pattern you can use to post each week
    • Sustainable system -What to scan, store and schedule
    • Discussion on automation and outsourcing
    • What to advertise and where? Insights to Facebook and LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Stand Out Branding
    • Clarity on your branding
    • How to apply that brand personality to the content you create
    • Discussion about Instragram stories and Facebook Live.

Did you know? You can complete the course with your Virtual Assistant? You do the learning and use support to do the work with guides available for your VA.

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I’ve met so many businesses that sabotage their success by doing nothing on social – they’re too overwhelmed by multiple options without a clear goal of how to get there. Stand Out on Social Bootcamp makes the complex clear with a proven approach to take your social media strategy from good intentions to great results. It’s a bit like going to a personal trainer – you don’t just learn about fitness, you go to do the work. Likewise, at Bootcamp you learn and apply… so you’ll be able to see the return for your investment.

Kirryn Zerna

About Kirryn

Speaking, consulting and social strategy

Kirryn Zerna is an award-winning speaker, trainer and mentor. Her passion is to help businesses to get the attention they deserve.

She draws on over a decade of experience in marketing communications, strategy and social research. She has worked with businesses both large (Westpac, Department of Industry, NSW Small Business Commissioner) and small (consulting agencies, small businesses and high profile individuals). 

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