A 1-day workshop on Friday, 13 October in Sydney for business owners and business leaders who are ready to create stand out social.  


Product Description

Stand Out on Social Media Workshop in Sydney
Friday, 13 October

Fast track social media set-up in 1-day to take you from good intentions to great results.

Suited towards businesses & leaders who want to fast track their social media set-up from good intentions to great results, can join the Stand Out on Social Media Workshop.

In 1-day you will get:

  • Knowledge about the power of social media and how businesses can harness it to grow and boost their brand.
  • Clarity on your branding and instructions on how your brand should look on social media.
  • A tailored content plan designed specifically for your business that will grab attention.
  • A system to guide what to post each week and how to make it sustainable – what to scan, store and schedule.
  • Clear instruction on what to automate and how to outsource aspects of your social media management.

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