Amplify Your Influence

What creates the ripple effect for your personal brand?

I remember standing beside my sister, with feet half-sunk in the wet sand, trying to toss pebbles to see if we could skim them through the waves.

My 9-year old sister was quite masterful at bending the legs, swinging back the arm and getting the right trajectory to see that pebble bounce across the waves. Four years younger, my feeble, failed and frequent attempts found me huffily stamping at my stone’s plonking into nothingness.

The skimmer and the plonker, one creates a ripple effect and the other just makes a splash.

The Ripple Effect

Throwing stones in to the water isn’t uncommon as a childhood pursuit, is it? Just as water metaphors aren’t uncommon in adulthood. Ha, let me explain why it’s helpful though to articulate the process of amplifying your influence.

It all began when I asked Siri, “What does the ripple effect mean?”

And she replied, “the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.”


I was struck by how simple and profound that idea was.

This is exactly what a person is trying to do when they build their brand in this age of social media.

It is the art of continuing and spreading results of what they do, and what they’re known for, throughout their network and beyond.  It’s where I found the title for my book, The Stand Out Effect.

The Ripple Effect: the art of continuing and spreading results of what they do, and what they’re known for, throughout their network and beyond.

Amplifying your influence

What is this really about? Amplification.

Tapping into this age of social media to amplify your personal brand.

We see this at events; where they create pop-up art or amazing moments, so delegates will snap selfies and then share it to their social. It amplifies the experience to entice more people to come along to the event.


We see this with TV shows; I’ve been watching Married at First Sight because my friend Julie Robinson is on this season, and the network are masterful at amplifying the TV show through the social media experience. Her Instagram account gives sneak peek photos into the up-coming episodes; it features stories with videos they filmed throughout their “experiment,” and overall it extends the experience of the show giving the viewer more detailed coverage which deepens the connections with the viewers and increases their likelihood to tune in again. Surely a contributing reason for why they are getting such high viewer ratings.

You can follow Jules on @Julesrobinson82.


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The Person and The Process

And we can see it with People. The ability to spread ideas, insights and get known for expertise in an industry and beyond.

This amplification involves two things:

  1. The Person being amplified
  2. The Process of amplification

The Person

So in the game of skimming the rocks, this would be looking at the rock itself. What are you throwing out there?

For many, there’s an assumed level of understanding here – of course I know who I am! Don’t I?

Yet do you really know the value of what makes Professional You unique and distinctive? Can you express it with clarity and precision?

For a leader, a few questions you could ask yourself:

  • What do you do that no-one else could?
  • If you ceased to exist what would be lost?
  • What’s my worst quality, that could in fact be my most distinctive?
  • What positive feedback are you regularly getting back from clients?
  • What are my “features and benefits” to coin a marketing term, that makes me remarkable?
  • How can all of this be shaped into meaningful content (that you create and curate) that demonstrates your expertise and experience?

The Process

How does this amplification process work? How did my sister manage to get multiple bounces of that pebble, and I just made a big splash that didn’t last?

You could reframe this question to ask, Why do some people create these outrageously popular social media profiles that stand out, and other’s don’t?

Why do some people create these outrageously popular social media profiles that stand out, and other’s don’t?

Is there an untouchable, unknown answer that only perfectly, primped people under 28 truly grasp, while the rest of must exist in virtual nothingness?

From my experience, there is absolutely a way. And while it takes some applied attention and skill, it is absolutely possible. Here was the framework that I follow, teach and apply in recent Stand Out Effect article.

So what stops the skim?

Let’s take a quick look at the angsty objections. I know I’ve thought them before, have you?

Objections like:

  • Does everyone really need to be amplified? For example, should unqualified experts hold back their opinions?
  • Do we need to amplify every little thing in personal and professional life. Could we deal with a few less food photos or random musings?
  • Is it just fake stuff being amplified? Do we tune out because it’s not real anyway?
  • Who has time for this anyway? Shouldn’t we just get on doing a job instead of talking about our job? Is there a real return on investment for the time it all takes?

All good thoughts. I’m curious what Skim Stoppers you’ve thought of. Drop those in the comments and let me know.

Moving to Mastery

There comes a point where you need to decide will you play the game? Will you apply yourself to amplification?

Here’s the test, what is your response to these questions:

  • Could the increase in your profile, and becoming known in your industry, (and maybe beyond) be helpful for your career or business?
  • Do you have a product or service that could help people?
  • Do you enjoy engaging in discussion and sharing your opinions? Or can you contribute to the world through what you know, do and serve?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then there’s a reason to explore how to build your personal brand using platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram.

Why? Because I believe the world could truly value from your own unique contribution.

So go on my friend, the world is waiting to hear from you. And trust me, you’ve definitely got something worthwhile to ripple out in to your industry, and beyond.

Do you have any questions you’d like covered about how to amplify your influence?

Drop those in the comments and I’ll work those into future articles.



Kirryn Zerna is a speaker, facilitator and advisor. Her passion is to help businesses and leaders to stand out, without selling out, in this age of online influence. Known for her work in brand communication, strategy and social media, what’s unique about Kirryn is her broad experience across sectors. She draws on over 15 years experience working with businesses of all sizes – from corporate, government, consulting agencies, small business and high profile individuals.