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Get known as a person of influence in your team, industry and beyond.

Today your LinkedIn profile can be as powerful as a business card, coffee meeting and website all rolled into one. It’s often the first thing that’s checked when meeting a new client, seeing a speaker at an event, or meeting a new leader.

Imagine amplifying your online influence, how would that create a shift in the way you lead, sell and position ideas in your industry? And what is the cost of no social presence?

    2020 Dates:
  • 25 March – SYDNEY
  • 22 April – MELBOURNE
  • May – SYDNEY
  • September – MELBOURNE
  • October – SYDNEY

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Become Your Best Influencer

This program is perfect for:

  • Leaders who want to accelerate their career
  • Leaders who speak at events 
  • Leaders who want to influence their teams
  • Sales Leaders who want to cultivate connections
  • Coaches, consultants or experts in their fields

Who are the Real Influencers Today?

The combination of Internet, social media and rapid technological advances has created a shift in the influencers who persuade our opinions and daily lives. It’s no longer just the marketing department promoting a brand, it’s people are too.

What are the capabilities that leaders need in this new digital landscape? Today, it’s vitally important to empower leaders to create a sharp, consistent and compelling brand presence on digital channels, with a predominant focus on LinkedIn.

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Not only very impressed with her style and passion on the topic, but really enjoyed the following conversation it sparked within the group! Kirryn presented leveraging strategies for online influence for both companies and individuals, highlighting key factors that demonstrated the effectiveness (and challenges) of each strategy. I found a key takeaway for me was the importance of the communication method and how this can significantly influence the engagement of the message. In the OHS field, it definitely made me question how we can also apply this approach to internal communications too.

OH&S And Environment, Yarra Trams 

What You'll Learn

About the Program

Be Empowered to STAND OUT in your Industry, and beyond.

How do you amplify your online influence? You need to:

  1. Understand the Opportunity
  2. Understand the Roadblocks
  3. Power Up your Capabilities

What you can expect to learn, and apply:

  • Why LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and under utilised tool for creating meaningful connections with potential customers, peers and future talent.
  • The roadblocks to remarkable, what are the 3 blocks for standing out professionally and personally?
  • How to leverage the latent power of individuals within your team    or organization to become authentic online brand advocates.
  • A Social Media Roadmap that will give you confidence and save time.

I really enjoyed understanding the statistics on LinkedIn’s potential following and influencing reach as well as what you should have in your profile to sell and promote yourself. I really like her presentation style and how she engages and connects with the audience.

HR Advisor / Business Partner ANZ at BP Australia



$1100 + GST

1-Day Plus Program (Group Discount 5+ is $999)


  • Personalised invitations
  • Self-Assessment Checklist for individuals to qualify current online influence
  • Pre-Work – Complete a Personality Profile


  • Leaders attend Workshop (9.30 – 3pm)
  • Practical and engaging session
  • Explore the current digital age,
  • 3 roadblocks to a remarkable reputation
  • How to amplify your influence while leveraging LinkedIn
  • Complete Profile
  • Complete Content Plan


  • Receive 4 weeks of actionable tasks to embed the learning

Professional Development Coaching available on request.

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About Your Host

Kirryn Zerna is a keynote speaker, masterclass presenter and author. She draws on deep experience of working within corporate and public sector environments and has had the privilege of working with over 2,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2018. In 2017 she was awarded the Kerrie Nairn Scholarship for an emerging speaker by Professional Speakers Australia and holds a Bachelor of Management, a Masters of Management and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is a Non Executive Director on two not for profit boards.

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